Abacus Small, Counting RIGHT (Dieser Artikel ist auch in deutsch erhältlich)



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Alter5-6, 7-11
Mitwirkende Review: Beatrice Deveaux, Translation: Paul Read
ManualPreparing the material:
All of the cards are meant to be laminated (recommended laminate thickness: 90-125 micron).
The 48 cards need to be cut out individually.
Sides not to be laminated: none
Sides or cards to be bound into a booklet: none

Teaching Content:
Displaying of numbers, addition and subtraction up to 10,000. Calculations without changing , and calculations with 1-3 changes (each card is correspondingly marked with stars, which denote the number of changes required).
The grey cards introduce how the numbers are shown on an abacus, the red cards are addition equations, and the green cards are subtractions. 

Possible Applications:
This material can be given to children aged 9 and older as a free time activity. Completion of the materials ‘Golden Bead Workfile’ and ‘Stamp Game Workfile’ is required. 
This material helps to introduce working with an abacus, which is mostly individual work. 

Before You Begin:
To work with this material, the children require:
a desk or floor mat, paper and stationery for writing

How to use:
The children can work through the cards one at a time. They can lay out the calculations with the cards and/or write them directly into their books.

Control of Error:
The solutions to the equations are on the reverse side of the cards.

Additional Information:
All of the beads of the abacus should start on the left side. ‘Counting RIGHT’ means that the results of the equations are read from the beads on the right side of the abacus. 

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Abacus Small, Counting RIGHT (Dieser Artikel ist auch in deutsch erhältlich)

Abacus Small, Counting RIGHT (Dieser Artikel ist auch in deutsch erhältlich)

Eigene Bewertung verfassen